Oh my

Oh my

Completely embarrassed – I cannot remember the last time I was so ridiculously irritated.

I had this brilliant idea to recapture my youth by reading all of the ancient MySpace blogs of yesteryear and GUESS WHAT – I can’t remember my password!

I attempt to re-set through my old AOL account and I can’t remember THAT password either!

ACK!! Sooo I call AOL – no help there. Security question: what is my school? WHAT THE FRACK! I can’t remember what my school was, if I did WHY would I be calling you? I went to 12 different schools over the years.

Frick. Frack. Fuck.

Not that it really matters. In all honesty it was more of an attempt to keep from being bored to death. I wasn’t quite ready for bed so I thought it would be a great way to kill some time. Well, now I am all fired up and INSISTENT upon getting into that damn account.

That’s just how I roll. That is just how I DO. I will be spending the rest of the evening trying to hack both accounts. Wish me luck, interweb.


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