Got this new nail color from a gal pal last week… wishing my nails weren’t so jankity so I can test it out! It has a leather effect [hence the name] so once it dries it has this CRAZY leathery finish to it. Pretty cool actually, I tested it out on one nail and I couldn’t help but continuously run my finger over it.

I am all about textures. I love the soft, ripply feeling of worn out leather. I prefer it to new leather, there is something almost sterile about new leather to me. I can’t quite put my finger on it but there is something kind of off about new leather. Too stiff? I don’t know but I definitely don’t like cracked worn out leather either.

Hard to please, I guess.

Last night my manfriend and I decided to spoil ourselves with some Dairy Queen. We got ourselves so excited and even loaded the dog up for the 2 mile trip for a tasty treat. Well… “our” Dairy Queen is awkwardly located in the back of a strip-mall parking lot with access on ALL sides. So, when you approach the drive-through from 3 of the 4 entrances you run the risk of crossing paths with a total idiot. This guy in a tiny beat up Saturn was barreling towards the drive through which we were already in the painted drive entrance on our way to the order window and he seriously couldn’t contain himself. Obviously he was experiencing an ice cream emergency because he sped up headed directly towards us – well directly towards me in the passanger seat – at 20 miles an hour [I shit you not, straight speeding for some Queen] and because we were already inches from the drive through window naturally my boyfriend doesn’t stop. This was not pleasing to this guy and he proceeds to honk at us. Not one quick “hey, I wanted to be where you are now” honk, or even a couple short bursts of “what the fuck?” honks… NO… he let out one long, loud, impatient “I’m a total fuck-tard who has no decency or common sense” honk. I was livid. And I love confrontation. So I sat in my seat and started screaming nonsense at him from the window and turned in my seat to glare at him as he waited for us to order. I continued to stare at him as we got our Blizzards and requested that we leave the window at an obnoxiously slow pace.

My boyfriend, Reed, suggested that maybe the guy is diabetic and really needed ice cream… I wasn’t having any of that. What kind of diabetic rolls around without hard candy??? I’ve seen Steel Magnolia’s enough times to know that when people have diabetes they and everyone they know keep hard candies around for such purposes.

Don’t honk at me unless you want my undivided attention.

I don’t work on Monday’s.

That pleases me.


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