Sleepless in my bed

Tonight is one of those “I’m quitting smoking, again” nights and I feel kiiiiinda like a failure because I sort of went out and bought a pack of smokes. Then I smoked one. And I loved it.
I know I don’t actually love smoking, that I’m just addicted, I actually hate smoking….. I’m just addicted

The dog just farted and I am not impressed. I feel like he does shit like that just to piss me off. Like laying there licking himself over and over and over and over again, I’m like HEY ROCKY CALM THE FUCK DOWN.
My fan isn’t loud enough to mask the licking sound I despise.
There is a lingering dog fart odor.
I am craving nicotine.
I am experiencing hunger like nothing else. Sugar and salt. Mmmmm..
I’m cranky and irritated.
quitting smoking is so 1997


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