Its the Holiday Season

And whoopdee do! 

I have been able to complete the majority of my XMas shopping thanks to an unexpected and generous gift. Today I wiggle around at my workstation, too exited to sit! There are a few more craftlys to finish [this year is a  craftly christmas] and I have one gift in particular that I am really hoping turns out as I have imagined it. I want to wrap my gifts, sip hot cocoa and relax by the fire [the fire I don’t have] while cuddling with Elton, Rocky & Reed. 

Currently there are about 6 bags of marshmallows in my car. I honestly don’t know why I thought I needed SO many bags. HA! I was planning on making a couple batches of rice krispie treats and ended up only making one but still…10 bags of mini marshmallows. I think I was in panic mode at the grocery store or something. There is really no excuse. Does anyone else do that? Compulsively over-purchase insane amounts of product? Need to return! 





A day in the life

I didn’t get out of bed today until 12:35pm. My back hurt. My feet and ankles hurt. My face hurt. Baked cookies 2pm-12am… what tha hell? I feel psychotic!

Excited to go get some stuffs to complete my holiday treat bags but I feel so damn lazy. If I want then it means I have to get up off the couch, start the car, get dressed, DRIVE, shop, come home and then DO… oh boy.

Someone bring me some coffee to give me the strength to continue my quest….