Its the Holiday Season

And whoopdee do! 

I have been able to complete the majority of my XMas shopping thanks to an unexpected and generous gift. Today I wiggle around at my workstation, too exited to sit! There are a few more craftlys to finish [this year is a  craftly christmas] and I have one gift in particular that I am really hoping turns out as I have imagined it. I want to wrap my gifts, sip hot cocoa and relax by the fire [the fire I don’t have] while cuddling with Elton, Rocky & Reed. 

Currently there are about 6 bags of marshmallows in my car. I honestly don’t know why I thought I needed SO many bags. HA! I was planning on making a couple batches of rice krispie treats and ended up only making one but still…10 bags of mini marshmallows. I think I was in panic mode at the grocery store or something. There is really no excuse. Does anyone else do that? Compulsively over-purchase insane amounts of product? Need to return! 





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