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Dreeeam Job…

Lets get right to the point. I have always said, and probably always will, that my dream job is to write and illustrate children’s books.

People will always have children. People will always read to their children. Children will always love to read.

BOOM – future set!

I remember when I was 14 years old I was in my English class and we had a project to write and illustrate a short children’s story. We were to make a little book and present to the class, blah blah blah… Anyways, I being me, wrote some story about a Siberian Husky who befriended a cat and they were awesome and happy and I got an A+ on the story, my class loved it, and my teacher was blown away by my illustrations. That was the first time I ever thought I could be happy doing something so… fun.

A few years later I had a similar school project, similar that I had to write a story, minus the illustrations. Well, for some reason that year I had a little more difficulty and I enlisted the help of my BFFL & hetero-life-partner to come up with a story. And what a story it WAS! If I have a copy around here somewhere I will definitely post it. This story was about a cat {Jacques] who was friends with a goat in France, who happened to fall in the ocean and ride a whale to a far away tropical island inhabited by jungle cats… I have no idea.

So, my dream job would look like this:

Wake up to morning sunlight & the smell of freshly brewed coffee, naturally, NO ALARM [beeep beeep beeeeeep – UGH, gross] and roll out of bed. By this time I am sure I would have a coffee maker with a timer so I don’t have to tinker around with grinding beans and filling pitchers with water or pretty much anything.

I will have my own personal space – full of natural light, pastel yellow & green decor, a nice big table, plenty of storage and work space… something like this, only with a bit more of what I described and less blinding white, less Croc’s, too…

So, I’d wake up, stretch, hang in my studio.. pump some jams on my iPod….


Id write, doodle, draw, paint, sketch, create story lines, develop characters… whatever my heart desired.

I would take as much time as I wanted for my lunch breaks where I would most likely just eat homemade mac-n-cheese while watching tv or walking the dog.

Basically my dream job is to never have to leave the house unless I want to go shopping or need to run errands. My dream job wont have me driving in rush hour traffic to and from work. My dream job will be low stress, high reward. My dream job would have lots of chocolate & sparkling water. My dream job will also have a lot of fun music.

Daily Prompt:


10 thoughts on “Artsy Fartsy

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  5. Simply perfect. A job such as described, writing and enjoying the lack of the stresses involved with the traditional 9 to 5; and, I really like your version of a workspace, open to the sunlight and the occasional breeze lifted by the surrounding trees in the foreground. Good write, and a pleasant read. Thanks.


    • Thank you! The Daily Prompt was calling to me today, its the first I’ve ever written, so I totally appreciate the compliment! The image posted is about as close as I can get to the one trapped in my mind’s eye. One day I will soon have a work-space of my own to post photos of!


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