Fashion Days of Yore…

This was me circa 2005.

Oh. My. Goodness.

That was MY style back in the day. I hung with a rag-tag crew of scrubby young, wash your hair once a week, deodorant what?, skateboarding turds.

I liked denim vests & jackets with iron on [or stitch on] patches of my favorite different “damn the man” bands. I lived for leopard print anything [because it was oh-so sexy] and had to incorporate it in every outfit.

Dark, thick black eyeliner on both upper and *GASP* lower lids… [uuughghghghhghhhhghhh] not my best look.

Accessorizing was key. As much jewelry as possible was my preferred “look”. I enjoyed stacking rings, necklaces and whatever else I could to deck out my outfits. Note the labret piercing. I always wore my facial jewelry and as many earrings that I could.

Oh my goodness…. STUDS & SPIKES! Studs and spikes and spikes and studs. Studs and spikes on my shirts, my pants, my shoes. Spikes on my necklaces, studs in my face. The choker collars were really in, at least to me, and I had two different ones that I switched out depending on my outfits. A black one with ruby red “gems” and a red velvet one with black “gems”. How ridiculous.

Buttons too. Who didn’t love buttons in 2005? WHO DIDN’T?? Just try to tell me who didn’t, because it’s a lie, everyone loved buttons. Everyone STILL loves buttons!

The short, choppy hair-do was probably the worst in all my life. Practically a mullet, mostly a disconnected Beatles worthy shag. Ick.

My FAVORITE look… was most likely

The day bffl/hetero life partners wedding.

Notice how there is still leopard print shoes. Somewhat hard to see in the photo but the bride was also in leopard print shoes. I guess you could say its always been our thing. I think that day was my best fashion day. Sleek. Sassy. Stylish. CLASSIC! I loved, loved, loved the red, oh my goodness, my hair was perfect that day, too. Natural makeup look, no facial piercings and the duck face! LOL.

We were happy. It was a happy day. Happy fashion day!


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