Not Dancing

As I sit here in my cube an hour and a half before my shift starts I find myself completely unable to think of an early dancing memory. My earliest dancing memory… homecoming dance of 2003, possibly. I am not a dancer. 

I don’t dance now and I didn’t dance then. I don’t even know how to dance, I more or less just flop around like a fish out of water. I like to pretend that I am a giant noodle and I just wiggle around on dance floors across the metro area.


 I found this on Google Images.. that is pretty much what I look like dancing. I always smile. Smiling is good when dancing, because then people look at my face instead of my flailing appendages! 

SO back to my earliest memory… homecoming… dance… people… I was wearing an ADORABLE black tea length sorta cocktail dress with a fuchsia crinoline that was about 3 inches too long so it shot out of the bottom adding this amazing flair to an otherwise funerally-dress. It had a very nice boat neck with thick straps off the shoulders. Very classy, timeless almsot. 

Fire engine RED hair.. wow I forgot that! 

What I am really trying to say is… I shouldn’t dance!


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