Silver Foxes

As my birthday fast approaches I like to think that I am going to age gracefully. I don’t know if the term Silver Fox can be applied to women or if it is specifically geared towards men of a certain age but who cares, I think I’d like to become one!

Silver foxes are my spirit animal, so naturally as I age I would like to be considered one.

The other day at work my pal Bre shoo’d away a co-worker because she just had to tell me a secret. She kept shooing him away saying “it’s a private secret, about myself, go away”… so finally he left us to giggle in our little cove and she said it.

“Maria, you have a grey hair”…

I know she was expecting me to freak out and become emotional with the thought of aging and grey hair and I really, really, really appreciate her being so fucking considerate about my feelings, but I just laughed. Out loud. I had already noticed the hair months ago! I informed her of my previous knowledge, and called our co-worker to inform him that the secret was actually about the grey hair I had sprouted.

It’s not even grey though. Its not dull or drab or boring or mousy.. its this beautiful, iridescent, silvery awesomeness that makes me feel like I am slowly transforming into a unicorn. I feel like getting a few more wouldn’t necessarily be a baaad thing. Not great either because I know from experience that going grey definitely aged me about 10 years.

That was a washed out-green undertone very nasty spur of the moment playing with bleach, tones & color with a hair stylist. It was a bad night of experimentation where I thought that maybe this green goblin color would work but unfortunately it didn’t. So, with that comparison in mind I am thinking if the rest of my grey’s come through equally beautiful and shiny and sparkly and magical then I wont have a single damn problem with them.

If they come in green… well that is another issue all together.

I must note that my dear sweet boyfriend really outdid himself [and me] with birthday presentry. We are 10 days apart in October and we’ve already exchanged b-day gifts.┬áHis for me = awesommeeee! I got a Kindle complete with adorable leathery type case that has a built in reading light. He even took the time to load it up with books for me! I have already the complete Harry Potter series AND the Anne Rice novels!! WHAT? I got a beautiful bouquet of fall flowers. And today he surprised me with an exceptionally gorgeous glass tea kettle! DAAAWWWW!!

I got him: shoes that didn’t fit, pants that didn’t fit, 1 pair of novelty grunders, a key chain and had the upholstery of his car cleaned after I detailed it. And made him vacuum it all out. HA! Horrible Maria! You suck at giving gifts! So – I cant help but giggle at myself – I have to return the shoes and the pants and from there he can either replace with shoes and pants that fit, or use the cash monies to hopefully buy me more presents since he is just so damn good at spoiling me!