Stuff that happened and other things

I am the person that pop-up ads and computer viruses were designed to attack. I recently [as in about 15 minutes ago] clicked on some pop up page that was telling me that my Google Chrome wasn’t updated and that I needed to download the latest version. 

So, I clicked “download” … and then I read the statement at the bottom saying that this download was in no way affiliated with Google Chrome… and now I have a BAJILLION pop ups and every time I try to click something or navigate throughout the web I am directed to all these other websites and I am losing my mind. 

I think I need to get a clue.


ANYWAYS – fucking pantyhose. What the hell. With today being a cold day and all I decided to wear a pair of “sweater tights” I purchased a while back and have never worn before underneath a pair of work slacks – ew, slacks – anyways. Why is “control top” even a thing? I was shocked to find that the top of this pair of tights met the bottom of my bra. They were practically up to my neck that’s how high they went. And boy, were these tights TIGHT. SO TIGHT, like, leave a horrifying imprint that looks like a scar from a surgery gone awry-tight. These weren’t even “control top” pantyhose either, just some cheap $5 pair from Target!!! So I thought whatever and wore them anyways. After about 30 minutes wearing these things I realized that my organs had actually shifted and was experiencing some of the worst gastrointestinal pain I’ve felt since my last period. I even think that the squeezing of my organs gave me gas [hence the pain?] Unless today was just a gassy day… anyways I am just upset. 

Why are they so freaking uncomfortable? Why do people wear them? Is the squished organ thing I was experiencing something I should be concerned about? Are there more comfortable styles out there? I think I will just stick with my CuddlDuds from now on. What a waste of $5. 

>>>> THIS THOUGH<<<<

High heels and that scary *clonk clonk clonk* – whats with that? I have never considered the sound of a pair of heels clicking on a hard surface to be sexy, alluring or even sensual. The sound of heels, especially heels moving at a fast pace, is absolutely horrifying to me. I feel like that noise should be included in a lot more horror movies. Heels sound angry. Heels sound like death. I was at a work function tonight where there were a gaggle of women in all sorts of ridiculously high heels and I thought whateva. Anyways, I wasn’t thinking whateva while I was using the restroom and all I could hear was the gallop of some clodhoppers getting louder and louder, closer and closer [the acoustics in this place were amazeballs]I felt completely trapped in my stall and could feel my heart racing as they continued to approach me. I almost shrieked and then I realized it was just some sloshed chick who had to pee really bad. It was that moment exactly when I realized that the sound of heels on a hard surface is something that strikes fear in my heart.